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Hi everyone, thank you for taking the time to visit Forever Football Shirts!

My football shirt story began in its infancy, when I bugged my dad to buy me the 1997-98 Manchester United goalkeeper jersey! I remember that trip to JJB Sports somewhat vividly; it was October 26th 1997, me and my brother were taken to the store as it was his 13th birthday, and as the avid pair of United fans that we were, he wanted that season's gorgeous Champions League home shirt as a present. 1 hour or so later, my father had made us both happy as a pair of beavers, as we came home with our brand spanking new jerseys! Interestingly enough, I no longer have the classic green and black goalkeeper shirt I was brought that Sunday afternoon, I do still however, proudly possess that 1997-2000 Manchester United Champions League home jersey!

As we got older, we began to accumulate shirts sporadically and by the end of 2009, we had a modest selection of 25 shirts in the repertoire; the latest of which was the Japan World Cup 2010 home shirt that I acquired from Sports Direct in December of 2009. As I familiarised myself with eBay, I saw that shirts from years gone by were now readily available at one's disposal! And as I think many of you, whom are reading this now, went ahead took advantage of the auctioneering phenomena!

It wasn't until 2013, that I originally had the idea to come up with an online presence, an outlet, a forum, a domain... whereby I could try and deliver the joy of owning THAT shirt, what I experience, each and every time, I get myself a new shirt to each and every one of you out there! As football fans, we identify with a clubs' shirt, whether it is for the special player who wore it, the success that club had whilst wearing the jersey or even just for the sheer beauty and class that a particular shirt had; there is just something, almost mystical about the allure of the football shirt!

As I write this, it comes as no surprise that my collection surged once I had this epiphany and it is my absolute pleasure to present to you the coming together of that dream: FOREVER FOOTBALL SHIRTS! We specialise in scouring the world for the best shirts so that you can own a piece of your club!

Therefore, please feel free to peruse our ever-growing range of stock and re-acquaint yourself with the history and prestige associated with that shirt! You never know you may just pick up a bargain or 2 along the way!

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Thank you once again for your continued support!